Sridevi Nrithyalaya is an institution for Bharatanatyam specialising in the Melattur style.

An institution for Bharathanatyam specializing in the Melattur style.

Natyam Moksha Sadhanam

This portal of SDN is a venture to provide access to our video library for the sole purpose of viewing our sought-after Dance Dramas and performances in which our team has invested invaluable energy and efforts. We believe that the Rasikas who gain access to viewing our full-length productions, will pay due respect to the time and artistry spent by us and refrain from duplication copyright infringement.

Dr. Sheela Unnikrishnan


The cosmos is entirely pervaded by Siva Thathvam—the Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space are verily His manifestations alone.

Sri Krishna Vaibhavam

The Man of Myriad Manifestations, Sri Krishna, is the manifestation of the four Vedas, the essence of Vedanta and the ordainer of the Upanishads.


Weaving together stories surrounding the Six Holy Abodes of the Warrior God, Subrahmanya

Varudamellam Vaibhavam

A special production choreographed and presented on the occasion of Tamil New Year.

Bala Margam

These colourful and brisk dance items performed by 7 of our aspiring artists make this presentation a vibrant ‘Spectrum of Dance’

Margam Volume 2

The second volume of SDN’s Margam has some classic choreographies of Sridevi Nrithyalaya, performed by our senior performers in 2018.

SDN Videos

‘SDN Online Classroom’ Live now!

SDN Digital classroom

For the first time ever, SDN launches “SĀDHAKA” certificate courses (one year duration) through SDN online Classroom.

Training sessions will be uploaded in SDN Online Classroom in Units. As and when ready, students who have enrolled and practiced our Classroom lessons may appear for an examination (through online only) conducted by SDN. Qualified examiners will evaluate and those who pass out in the examination will be awarded with a certificate.

SĀDHAKA – Level 1
This is a course that builds the basic foundation to train the divine art, Bharathanatyam. The training videos with basic Adavus (steps) will be divided into 4 Units that focuses largely on body discipline and postures, proper practicing of which will enhance the student to gain ‘Anga Suddham’ and good stamina.

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