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    Course Highlights

    1 Year

    (4 x 3 months)

    & Theory sessions

     Guest Lecture
    By Experts

    About SĀDHAKA

    This program is an online Certificate course offered by Sridevi Nrithyalaya for a period of 1 year. The course has been divided into 4 terms of 3 months each.

    A set of 4 videos will be uploaded in the beginning of each term and the students are expected to learn and practice its contents meticulously.

    The aim of this course is to teach and develop mastery in the fundamentals of Bharathanatyam and inculcate the habit of practising basics regularly.

    Curriculum @ a glance

    0-3 Months (Term 1)
    • Exercises & Thattadavu 1 to 4 (Practical 1)
    • Exercises & Thattadavu 5 to 8 (Practical 2)
    • Dhyana Shlokas, Basic terminologies used in Natya, Origin of Natya (Theory)
    • Layam: An Introduction (Guest Lecture by Dr. Guru Bharadwaaj)
    4-6 Months (Term 2)
    • Practical 1 – Tattadavu recap, Activities with Tattadavu & practicing poses
    • Practical 2 – Nattadavu
    • Theory – Four Kinds of Abhinaya & Hastās
    • Theory – Four Kinds of Abhinaya & Hastās PDF
    • Importance of Fitness (Guest Lecture by Sri Renjith Babu)
    7-9 Months (Term 3)
    • Activities with Nattadavu & Marditha Adavu 1 to 3 (Practical 1)
    • Gudithu mettadavu 1 to 4 & Makuta Adavu (Practical 2)
    • An insight into ‘Margam’, Bhedas (Shiro, Drishti, Greeva)
    • The universality of Natya: An initiation (Guest lecture by Smt. Shobha Korambil)
    10-12 Months (Term 4)
    • Revision of Thattadavu, Nattadavu, Mardithadavu & Gudithu Mettadavu (Practical 1)
    • Sarukkal Adavu (Practical 2)
    • Bhedas (Mandala, Sthanaka, Pada); Rasa – An introduction
    • An introduction to Indian Literatures (Guest lecture by Ms. Latha K)

    Course Details

    Fee per term ₹6,000
    The split-up of the four videos for every term will be as follows


    Practical 1


    Practical 2




    Guest Lecture

    • Age limit – 12 years & above only
    • Duration of the course – One year from the individual’s date of commencement
    • Examination – Optional
    • SĀDHAKA Certificate – Only for those who acquire a pass percentage of 60% in practical & theory examinations.

    All the pre-recorded practical sessions will be guided by Dr. Sheela Unnikrishnan with specific instructions on how to execute an Adavu correctly without errors.

    Interesting, brief theory sessions handled by the teachers of SDN and guest lectures by experts will also be featured in each of the terms.

    Forget not, to note!

    This course is an initiative of SDN to teach and strengthen the fundamentals for keen students of Bharathanatyam. However, the pace at which the Adavus are taught in the videos are not the same as the pace followed in our institution. Each student in SDN takes at least 3 to 4 years to complete the Adavus.

    The Adavus taught in the practical sessions are the set usually practised in the regular classes of SDN. Different schools have variations or extensions of the sets.

    It is advised by Dr. Sheela Unnikrishnan that all students enrolling for the course practise the Adavus as presented in SDN’s Praarambham series.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does SDN conduct online classes?


    Our institution is based ONLY in Chennai and we do not have branches any where else. Due to time constraints and a few other factors, we have not been very keen about accepting requests for online classes. As a matter of fact, Smt. Sheela personally feels that Bharathanatyam is an art that needs to be learnt under a Teacher's personal supervision and guidance and no gadget will bridge the gap between a student and the Teacher when they stay apart.

    Owing to the increasing number of genuine requests, Sridevi Nrithyalaya Trust has extended SDN's training a little beyond SDN premises to teach the marvellous Melattur style to sincere students who are in other parts of the country and globe. It is decided to make this our regular regime for such students and the methodology of our teaching, observed in our regular live classes, will be applied for the online classes as well. We have decided to accept only limited number of students, personally handpicked for our batch of online teaching. These students will be considered same as our regular class students in SDN, Chennai and will strictly adhere to the scale of discipline set by our institute.

    Can I join this course if I am learning Bharathanatyam already?

    Yes, you can. The lessons in the course aim to make the student practise and develop mastery in the basics. If you are already a student of Bharathanatyam, this course will help strengthen your foundation.

    Can I join this course if I have no prior experience of learning Bharathanatyam?

    Yes, you can. This course focuses on basics of Bharathanatyam with demonstrations and in-detailed explanations on each topic. Therefore, this is suitable for those without previous experience too. However it is advisable to learn with keen observation of the instructions and demonstrations to avoid injuries.

    Can I join this course any time or is the admission date fixed?

    One can join at any convenient date once we commence the course. One year will be calculated from the date of joining after which the student is eligible to take the exam.

    Is it compulsory to take up the exam at the end of the course?

    It is not compulsory to the exam. However, only those who pass the exam will be given the certificate.

    Is it compulsory to take up the exam at the end of the course?

    It is not compulsory to the exam. However, only those who pass the exam will be given the certificate.

    Can I take up the exam alone without registering for the course?

    No. The exam is only for those who register as a student for the course.

    Will there be online sessions with Dr. Sheela Unnikrishnan?

    Depending on the availability of Dr. Sheela Unnikrishnan, we might arrange for a couple of online sessions for the students with Dr. Sheela. The students will be intimated regarding that in advance.

    Can the annual subscription for the course be cancelled if I want to discontinue the course?

    Yes, the subscription can be cancelled any time. But if you wish to discontinue in the middle of a term, that term's fees will not be refunded.

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