Margam Volume 2


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The second volume of SDN’s Margam has some classic choreographies of Sridevi Nrithyalaya, performed by our senior performers in 2018. The pieces included in this volume include Narthana Ganapathi Keerthanam (Ananda Narthana Ganapathim), Mahalakshmi Kauthvam, Murugan Shabdam, Dharu Varnam (Maathe), Nataraja Keerthanam, Padam (Thottu thottu), Kadhanakudhuhalam Thillana.

Ananda Nardana Ganapathim:

Salutations to the primordial one who dances in ecstasy. He is the elephant- headed God who is the embodiment of Omkara. He is the son of Shiva and Shankari and is worshipped by sages, celestials and his band of Ganas. He is the unconquerable deity, decked in golden robes, who dances joyfully to the music of Gandharvas. An invocatory Kriti composed by Oothukadu Sri Venkata Kavi. Ragam- Natai Talam- Adi

Mahalakshmi Kauthvam

This is a vibrant piece describing the Goddess of prosperity. She sits at the lotus feet of Her Lord to be His strength to sustain life in all worlds. She emerged from the milky ocean, when the gods and demons churned it for obtaining Amrutham. She is Adhi Lakshmi, Dhana Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Santhana Lakshmi, Veera Lakshmi, Vidhya Lakshmi and Vijaya Lakshmi. She is the bestower of Ashta Aishwaryam that is required to lead a life filled with contentment. She adorns the chest of Maha Vishnu, who reclines on Adhi Sesha in Yoga nidhra. Mahalakshmi Kauthvam penned by Kalaikkadiyar and music composed by Dr. Kuldeep M Pai. Ragam- Gowlai Talam- Adi

Murugan Shabdam

Shabdam, in a Bharathanatyam Margam, usually introduces the aspect of Abhinaya. This Shabdam on Lord Muruga visualises him in various stages of growth and describes his incomparable beauty. He is the toddler whose feet are adorned with anklets. He steals our hearts with his little steps and sweet words. With his reddish, radiating body complexion and a tilakam on his forehead, he tantalises all. He is the adolescent boy who majestically rides on a peacock and protects his devotees. This is a composition of Semmanar Koil Shanmugam. Ragamalika Talam- Misrachaapu


This is a famous Dharu Varnam composed by Harikesanallur Sri Mutthiah Bhagavathar, surrendering to the Universal Mother, the presiding deity of the city of Madurai, the adorable daughter of the Pandya King Malayadwaja, Goddess Meenakshi. Oh Devi, who is the mother of Ganesha and Guha! Oh Shankari, the slender- waisted one, who destroyed Chamunda! Oh Gowri, who adorns the lustrous crescent moon on her head! Mutthiah Bhagavathar addresses the Goddess thus and asks her to protect the magnanimous Maharaja of Mysore, Sri Krishna Rajendra who is an expert in the 64 arts and a great patroniser of poets. The composer prays to Goddess Shyamamba who shines like emerald and prostrates to her to protect his benefactor. Ragam- Khamas Talam- Adi


This vibrant Keertanam hails the cosmic dance of Nataraja in the golden abode of Chidambaram. Much to the delight of sage Agastya, he dances blissfully in the auspicious month of Thai during 'Guru poosa'. As he dances, the eight directions shudder, Adisesha shivers, the Universe tremors and the sages and celestials watch the sight brimming with unbound ecstasy. This is a composition of Sri Gopalakrishna Bharathi. Ragam- Vasantha Talam- Khanda Jaathi Ata


A beautiful composition of Sri Periyasami Thooran which portrays a young teenage girl who is intimidated by Krishna's pranks. She is unable to understand her feelings for the charming cowherd and is worried that she might be spotted playing and enjoying with him. In his presence, she is scared and when he leaves her, she misses him. This Padam is a melodious monologue of an innocent girl who is mesmerised with Krishna. Ragam- Behag Talam- Adi


A joyous ending to a Bharathanatya Margam is a Thillana which has sequences of steps sewn together. Thillana is an expression of joy and completes the recital on an auspicious note. This Thillana, a composition of Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, concludes praising the mellifluous music of Murali that makes our faces bloom and our lips spread into beautiful smiles. Ragam- Kadhanakudhuhalam Talam- Adi
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