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The cosmos is entirely pervaded by Siva Thathvam—the Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Space are verily His manifestations alone. With episodes establishing the intrinsic connection between Lord Siva and the five elements, “Sivamayam” urges us to realise His cosmic presence and be dutiful towards Mother Nature, for it is equal to worshipping the Lord Himself.

The dance drama commences signifying the Big Bang theory—Lord Shiva appears from Light and manifests with six faces that create, protect, destroy, hide, grace and dissolve the universe and absorb it all into Him. Parvathi and Siva appear as bride and groom in Mount Kailasa, where the divine wedding preparations go on. Owing to the crowd gathered in Kailasam, the land in the South tilts up. As this creates panic, Siva commands Sage Agasthiya to go South to bring balance on Earth.

In order to fulfill the task, Sage Agasthiya sets off to travel from the North and faces various adventures and explores the five elements starting from Earth.

The grand finale of this production concludes with Sage Agasthiya being blessed with the divine darshanam of Siva’s Ananda Tandavam in Chidambaram.

Concept & Choreography

Dr. Sheela Unnikrishnan


Dr. S. Raghuraman


Dr. Ghatam S. Karthick
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