Privacy Policy

We, Sridevi Nrithyalaya (SDN) follow a standard of privacy guidelines to protect the information shared by you with us. By accessing, purchasing, downloading, installing, browsing and/or use, you expressly agree to the privacy policy as published on the website. Further by agreeing to this policy, you also agree to be bound by the changes to the Policy as may be published on our website from time to time.

The privacy policy will form a part of the ‘Terms and Conditions of use by User’ and the same should be read together. 

  1. Application and Commencement
        • Along with the ‘Terms and Conditions of use by User’, the privacy policy shall constitute to a legally binding agreement between Us and You as the user for the collection of information for which you given consent upon the commencement and application of contract as mentioned below.
        • The contract will apply and commence upon accessing, purchasing, downloading, installing, browsing and/or use by you or user, this contract becomes binding and enforceable against you and/or the user.
      1. Definition
            • Data, Information, Personal Information and Sensitive Information: These terms shall have the meaning as stipulated and mentioned to it in accordance with the relevant and applicable laws of the country.
        1. The collection of information and data by us

        As a part of the stipulated terms and conditions as mentioned in this policy as well as the ‘Terms and Conditions of use by User’, We may collect the following information and data for which you give consent:

          • We collect personal information about you when you attempt to enrol for the admission into our institution and/or
          • We may store messages and other communications when you share information to us through email, phone call, messaging applications and other means through the details and contents provided in our website.
          • We collect information with respect to your name, mobile number, email address, home address, age, gender, and other relevant information as an when relevant or necessary by us to offer you/the user an improved user experience.
          • We may use cookies and other relevant technologies to collect and retain cookie, web beacon, pixel browser tool, server logs, mobile identified information, and data in relation to the use of our contents and services in an attempt to provide you with a better user experience.
        1. Security measures on our website:

        We safeguard information and data by the use of generally accepted security measures. We aim, on a best efforts basis to protect your personal information if collected by us and/or shared by you with us. It is pertinent to note that any mode or transmitting or storing information is never completely secure and we do not provide any such guarantee.

          1. Others

          If you/ the user has any reason to believe that the information or data has been comprised, you can contact us by sending an email with the details of the same. You may also seek clarification of the policy.

          Contact details: Mobile: +91 9840835825, E mail:


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